Mining 2050

Optimising growth in the fourth industrial revolution

Extended to 2 full days of content! 

With only 25% of top mining companies employing CTOs and CIOs we look at the importance of these position in fostering a culture of innovation in the work place. The stream looked at the pioneering technologies already available and discussed what is blocking greater investment into technology across the industry.

Key discussion topics included:

  • Green & Sustainable Technology
  • Augmented Mining & Strategies for Digitisation
  • Artificial Intelligence / Automation: Robotics / Job Creation / Operational Optimisation
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Future of Work: Immersive Training through Virtual Reality
  • Economic Growth through Innovation
  • Digital Twinning & Digital Supply Chains
  • A Connected Future: Effective logistics strategies from pit to port