Angola Diamond Potential

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Angola Diamond Potential
Mining INDABA represents a huge opportunity to connect with partners, suppliers and service providers in the mining sector. Angola has been involved in the Mining INDABA event to use this platform to promote the mining sector. 

In the current year, Angola will be represented by several speakers such as ministers, CEOs and managers to demonstrate the potential in the mining sector. 

The main strategy is to transform the stand space into networking to establish contacts with the Angolan industry, where meetings with companies may take place to discuss the performance of the diamond industry in recent years, methods and data availability, geological investigation, results from areas with mining potential, challenges and impacts on communities. 

Our aim: 
•    Disseminate Angola's geological-mineral potential; 
•    Existing business opportunities in Angola; 
•    Demonstrate opportunities for mining, producing, cutting and trading diamonds; 
•    Advertise the ongoing reforms in the industry, which ensure more transparency, and increase the support to communities and business opportunities.

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