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AXTER is a leading international manufacturer of top quality waterproofing membranes, including reinforced COLETANCHE geomembranes, that are widely used in mining applications around the world. COLETANCHE is used for mine tailing dams, mine water process ponds, canal lining, capping of contaminated land, erosion protection, and preventing water ingress into mine rail track formations. COLETANCHE is a robust bituminous geomembrane that does not require a protective cover such as soil or geotextile and can stay exposed to UV. It is very tough and may be safely covered by large stones without being damaged. It has remarkable dimensional stability and is not affected by changes in temperature and is resistant to wrinkles. Its surface mass prevents wind uplift and it can be sealed under water. Best of all, the number of welding joints is reduced thanks to the 5.1 meter wide rolls. COLETANCHE is the No.1 waterproofing solution for civil engineering and mining structures!

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