Delgatto Diamond Fund

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Delgatto Diamond Fund
The Delgatto Diamond Finance Fund LP, commonly referred as DDFF is the largest alternative lender to the global diamond industry. DDFF is a SEC registered Hedge Fund headquartered in New York, founded in 2018 by Mr. Chris Del Gatto a 30 year diamond industry veteran, and Mr. Andres Lucas a 25 year finance professional.  The fund was launched with the goal of providing an institutional class of alternative financing for the entire diamond supply chain, as commercial banks are retreating from the industry. DDFF is the first lender to the industry founded by the diamond experts. We have regional offices in Dubai, Johannesburg, Palm Beach and London.
Our anchor investors range from U.S. pension funds, private banks, to Sovereign wealth funds. In addition, we manage two private equity pools of capital. 

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