CTICC 1414-11 Technical Services/Equipment Manufacturer

As a highly industrialised economy, Germany requires a significant quantity of raw materials in order to supply its national demand for these commodities. These raw materials either do not occur domestically or are not available in sufficient quantities to meet demand requirements. These include, above all, the basic metallic raw materials.

From Germany’s perspective, the development of new raw material deposits is becoming an increasingly important issue in order to ensure the security of raw materials for foreign trade, especially for energy raw materials, metal or metal ores and some industrial minerals. 
Our services range from project identification and generation to mine development and operations. We provide expert advice, project appraisal, financing, control and staff support. Due to our extensive experience, we can thus provide a complete exploration management service up to and including an IPO or other corporate activity.
Furthermore, we can support you with finding a suitable industrial partner for the acquisition and further processing of the extracted raw materials produced.

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