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GETMAN CORPORATION began in 1954 with the design and production of a single product: the Scoot-Crete. Resembling a small, motorized wheelbarrow, the Scoot-Crete was designed to transport concrete in municipal construction works. During the creation of the five-mile-long Mackinac Bridge connecting Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas, the Scoot-Crete played an instrumental role during bridge construction between 1954–1957. When a modification of the Scoot–Crete went to work in underground mines later in the decade, it set Getman on a path of innovation. 

The company developed additional specialized solutions for the underground mining sector in the 1960s, culminating with the launch of two additional products: the Explosives Charger and the Scaler. Getman met the 1980’s and 90’s with resilience, expanding its product portfolio and moving into international sectors. 

Today, Getman is a leading supplier of production and production support equipment for the global underground mining industry. In the development of its heavy-duty mining vehicles, manufacturing processes include metal fabrication, cutting and welding, and the construction of electrical harnesses and componentry. With a focus on helping miners work safely and efficiently in their everyday roles, Getman is proud to have spent over six decades bringing high-quality, long-lasting mining product solutions to market.

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