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ILV - Fernerkundung

CTICC 1414-6

ILV - Fernerkundung
ILV-Fernerkundung GmbH (ILV) together with MIBRAG Consulting International GmbH (MCI) are active in the mining industry and offer the following data and services:

-    Performance of image, scanner, thermal and aerogeophysic flights
-    Marine and offshore surveys
-    Geographic Information Systems (GIS), photogrammetric 3D data acquisition
-    Mine planning – feasibility studies, geological surveys and modelling
-    Exploration and well drilling, irrigation and drainage
-    Recultivation of mining areas for agriculture and forestry
-    Education and training

The main clients are from both the private and public sectors. Important projects have been and are being carried out in Angola, Algeria, Ghana, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the United Arab Emirates and as well as in many European countries.

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