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Karpowership is a global energy solution provider. Our mission is to deliver affordable, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly power to all parts of the world. Karpowership has been driving innovation in the energy sector and supporting sustainability and the economic growth of all the countries in which it operates, with the mission of creating an immediate impact in all aspects of life. Karpowership with its Powership fleet, stands as the global energy industry pioneer in floating power value chain. Karpowership solution includes Powerships and LNG assets. Today with a fleet of 25 Powerships operating with an installed capacity exceeding 4,100 MW and another 4,400 MW under construction and in the pipeline as well as an LNG fleet of FSRUs and other LNG assets. Karpowership makes it possible for countries to access electricity in a fast, affordable and reliable manner whilst achieving highest environmental standards.

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