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Marlink & ITC Global
Marlink is your trusted partner satellite communications and fully managed hybrid network solutions, serving the mining industry for over 40 years. To keep your remote mining operations safe and efficient, we provide reliable connectivity to help you connect people and assets around the globe to your corporate network. We cater for all communication needs of small exploration teams and large mining sites where conventional connectivity cannot reach or is not available. 

Our solutions combine satellite and terrestrial connectivity technologies enabling Internet, data, voice, and video applications, upgradable as your operations evolve: from quick-deploy satellite terminals for exploration teams; long-term satellite systems as either the primary or back-up link within a hybrid network for construction sites and production mines; to IoT communications for real-time monitoring of mining equipment and processes. Our solutions provide contracted quality of service for your employees as well as redundancy in case of outages, ensuring low latency, improved use of bandwidth, and full-service availability. 

We work by your side, reacting fast, proactively protecting and improving your network solution to keep everyone on the ground in touch with the wider world. Our managed services meet the highest quality standards and service level agreements. We support you with network management and application-based routing via SD-WAN, cybersecurity, bandwidth-on-demand, welfare services, cloud access, backed by our expert customer service and local field support. We provide you with full ‘Peace of Mind’ well knowing that your network structure is fully optimised, integrated and has the security required to operate more profitably and sustainably, increasing efficiency and the quality of user experience through operational optimisation.

In 2021, Marlink strengthened its position as world-leading provider of smart network and digital solutions by acquiring ITC Global.

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