Business Matchmaking Opportunities

The improved business matchmaking programme ensures you’re not wasting it in useless meetings.

We understand your time is precious, that's why we expanded our Investor Relations team and offered a leading business matchmaking service which undergone considerable investment in 2020 to deliver a faster and cleaner experience. It will soon be described as 'best in class'. Whether you're looking for the next hottest project or seeking investment, we've got you covered.

Prior to the event, you can filter through 6000+ delegates quickly and easily to find your top business matches, the more specific information you provide us about your dream project or investor, the faster our team will be able to find them through our extensive business matchmaking platform and Investor Relations service.

We will ONLY connect you to suitable financiers or projects, freeing you of ineffectual meetings.

This is the right place to maximise your chances of securing funding or finding the perfect project, you will be able to conduct months' worth of investor meetings in just 4 days. It takes the work out of networking through intelligent matchmaking, giving you a higher return of your time making those meaningful, long-lasting relationships that lead to deal after deal.

From unparalleled business matchmaking to deal-making potential and exclusive multi-stakeholder discussions, Mining Indaba has everything and everyone under one roof. So, why go anywhere else?