Business Matchmaking

The improved business matchmaking programme ensures you’re not wasting it in useless meetings.

Here at Mining Indaba, we understand your time is precious, this is where our sophisticated business matchmaking programmes come into play. Turn the small talk into real networking to ensure everyone leaves with connections that matter.

Designed for efficient networking, spend more time making those meaningful, long-lasting relationships that lead to deal after deal. Connecting you with the right people, allowing you to schedule the meetings that matter. The app and IR Service will also recommend people to meet with, so you don't have to do all the searching.

It takes the work out of networking through intelligent matchmaking, making it more fun and giving you a higher return on your time. Know exactly where you'll be at what time, see what sessions are happening and when they'll be taking place.


The app

2 months before the show, we will be launching a new app to help you connect with the industry. 

Keep your eyes peeled.

IR Service

Hassle-free, efficient and strategically
matched so your time isn’t wasted in useless meetings.

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Both programmes offer an overall better experience onsite to create meaningful, long-lasting relationships.


When will you meet?
Whenever you like - manage your own schedule.
Who is it for?
All registered delegates, exhibitors and sponsors.
Who will you meet with?
Only people who match your business profile.