Junior ESG Awards

NEW Prestigious Awards for 2022

The brand-new Mining Indaba inaugural awards highlighted junior mining companies that excel in making a significant positive ESG impact.

The awards are an opportunity to put a company in the spotlight and reward them for excelling in energy efficiency, responsible water, protection of biodiversity, technological modernization, community support, enhanced labour standards, health and safety, and equality and diversity.

Applicants were assessed by a panel of independent judges comprising of ESG advisors, managers, and analysts.

Award Categories

Energy Efficiency

Recognising a coompany that has significantly reduced or offset their carbon emissions within the past three years and/or a strategy to be transitioning to carbon neutral operations.

Responsible Water

Reconigising a company that either improved access to clean water for local communities and/or manages water usage responsibly and sustainabilily in development of their projects and/or operations of assets.

Protection of Biodiversity

Recongising a company that has implemented pioneering and effective stratgies to protect and preserve ecosystems and species potentially affected by their projects and operations.

Technological Modernization

Recognising a company that has employed a new technology or process in their business (reneweable resources, remote control equipment or blockchain technology) that has positively impacted it's ESG goals.

Community Support

Recognising a company that has gone above and beyond to develop economic and social infrastructure for the express purpose of improving the quality of life of local communities. 

Enhanced Labour Standards

Recognising a company that has gone above and beyond to establish and promote fair treatment and contribute to the professional and skills development of their workforce particularly of locally-engaged staff.

Health and Safety

Recognising a company that has gone above and beyond to establish a health and safety culture as a principle objective of their corporate strategy.

Equality and Diversity

Recognising successful implementation of an equality strategy to achieve greater representation across all levels of the organisation.


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