Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Remi Piet (Dr)

Co-Founder & Senior Partner Embellie Advisory

Dr Remi Piet is co-founder and Senior Partner of Embellie Advisory.

Remi holds a PhD in political economy and sustainable development and has field experience in 60+ countries (Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe) implementing ESG strategies or carrying above the ground and ESG counterparty risk assessments for investors and mining operators.

Before founding Embellie Advisory, Remi worked for the United Nations Environment Programme and taught at several universities in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, in particular at the HEC Paris and at the University of Miami in the departments of Ecosystem Science and International Studies.

Embellie Advisory established in Doha in 2013 is an investing hub and market intelligence boutique consultancy present in 40+ countries around the world with regional offices in Doha, Lima, Maputo, Paris and Miami.

Relying on teams of local experts built over the last 10 years, Embellie Advisory offers tailored services to help companies and investors overcome the challenges they face in emerging markets (license to operate, risk assessment, stakeholder management, consortium management).

Over the last decade, thanks to partnerships with ESG funds and international development agencies, Embellie has contributed to inclusive development across Latin America and Africa and the creation of sustainable value for investors, companies, governments and local communities alike.

Remi and Embellie Advisory’s local experts have developed ESG best practices and innovative methodologies for the natural resources and infrastructure sectors that can be found at NATURAL RESOURCES AND INFRASTRUCTURE – Embellie (embellieadvisory.me)