Solar Mining Services

Solar Mining Services
The Solar Group is a dynamic and established PLC company with aspirations to achieve a significant global presence and market share. As a growing international manufacturer and supplier of explosives, related accessories and delivery systems, the Group has a Global footprint that currently extends to 42 countries. Offering a wealth of diverse collective and collaborative technical knowledge, expertise and experience in explosives, our offering includes fit for purpose and innovative effective blasting solutions built on our uncompromised foundations of Safety, Quality and Reliability. The Solar Group employs a philosophy of ‘vertically integrated manufacturing’ in the explosives and delivery mechanisms, to ensure consistency, reliability, quality and supply chain security for our valued customers. 

Solar has established a green-fields manufacturing Hub in Middelburg, Mpumalanga Province. The hub supplies a range of accessories and explosives. The hub is supported by a growing network of sales offices in Mpumalanga, Northwest Province, Northern Cape, Limpopo and Gauteng.
•    Bulk Emulsions and heavy ANFO’s 
•    Packaged explosives, permitted and non-permitted 
•    Down the hole and full blasting services 
•    Drill and Blast
•    Cast Boosters
•    Non-Electric and electronic detonators 
•    Technical blast service solutions

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