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Carly Print (Pty) Ltd
Carly Prints (Pty) Ltd was established in 2012 as a civil engineering contractor then
ventured into Gold and Diamond Mining in 2020 founded by Carly Ramotlhaka.
Currently in possession of four Gold and Diamond Explora􀆟on licenses in Botswana
and Two Gold prospec􀆟ng licenses in Zambia in which all sites are s􀆟ll at its ini􀆟al
stages, data analysis Stages.
We so it fit to venture into mining to create job opportuni􀆟es for the youth who are
hard hit by lack of employment in our country, through best prac􀆟ces in mining. Well
being of our employees and the environment in the communi􀆟es where we work.
Collabora􀆟on – Produc􀆟ve and ethical working rela􀆟onships , transparent and
responsive dialogue with surrounding communi􀆟es & public agencies for the benefit
of all stakeholders. The company is looking forward for new investers.
Company Brief
Our Vision
 To expand our opera􀆟ons into the whole of Southern Africa.
Our Values
 Work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our customers and To help the company win.
 Render quality services
 Hard working
 Accountability
 Open to new ideas

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