Dints International Ltd, UK

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Dints International Ltd, UK
Dints provides end-to-end procurement, logistics and financing for mining equipment and parts. Founded 15 years ago with a mission to simplify global trade, Dints currently supplies large scale mining, construction and infrastructure projects in over 20 countries. Africa is an important continent and we have completed the supply and finance to customers in West Africa. Our network of suppliers enables us to provide a best in class service and we can be your Export Aggregation Merchant with a multi-brand offering making it easier to manage all stakeholders and finance with our partners to support complex procurement requirements.  
Financing of ongoing equipment and parts requirements is at the heart of how we engage with our customers. We aim to provide a solution for all your procurement needs, enabling more flexible terms to our customers around the world.  Reach out to us at www.dints.com to learn more about us and how we can support your projects

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