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Howden Africa
Howden’s smart technology and turnkey service afford miners access to leading-edge ventilation and cooling technologies to successfully manage underground environments.
Howden Total Mine Ventilation Solutions (TMVS) delivers mines that are safe, reliable, efficient, predictable and controllable. Our Ventilation on Demand (VOD) solution incorporates Howden products specific to a mine's requirements and comprehensively controls important systems such as ventilation monitoring stations, asset tracking, variable speed fans and redundant communication systems. 
Ventsim CONTROL™ software enables miners to operate on a fully automated and optimised mine ventilation solution, including the use of VOD, where intelligent software that monitors and communicates with hardware devices controls and automates airflow, heating and cooling systems. The software enables ventilation to be optimised by adjusting mine airflow in real time based on vehicle and personnel position. Safer, more productive, and lower-cost ventilation is achieved, saving energy, increasing production and efficiency and improving health and safety.

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