K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies

CTICC M30-9 Construction Technologies for Mining

K-UTEC AG Salt Technologies

K-UTEC is an engineering company providing a wide range of mining services. The key areas of activity are:

LITHIUM PROCESSING: We work with the global leaders.
>>lithium process design, pilot plant testing, process optimisation, brine & hard rock exploration

POTASH MINING: 70 years of experience. We know everything about it.
>>boost recovery, minimize waste, increase profitability, avoid pitfalls, add resources by exploration

SEISMIC MONITORING: Keep your mine under control and safe.
>>tailor-made monitoring solutions, sale and installation of units, 24/7 worldwide monitoring service

MINE BACKFILLING: We are experts in safely re-filling and stabilizing underground voids.
>>improve economics by safely storing industrial and mining waste, secondary ore recovery through backfilling pillars

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