CTICC G36 Mining & Exploration Company

The companies represented at this stand aim to attract investors to the market of ornamental rocks, gold, copper and other non-diamond mining resources in Angola. 

The companies Minbos Resources (phosphate exploration); Ozango Mineral (rare earth exploration); Shinning Star (copper) and Hipermaquinas (ornamental rocks) are participating in this edition of Mining Indaba. The company Geosondas, a provider of geotechnical and geophysical prospection services, is also participating. 

The general objective is to make their potentialities known, create new business opportunities and exchange experiences. 

On the institutional side, the National Agency of Mining Resources offers all the facilities to invest in these sectors in Angola while the Geological Institute of Angola provides information about the existence in Angola, with attractive potentialities for investors, of minerals such as: copper, iron, silver, manganese, gold, limestone, marble and granite.


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