Ministry of Mines and Geology (Senegal)

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Ministry of Mines and Geology (Senegal)
Decree No. 2017-1533 of 7 September 2017 setting the composition of the Government of Senegal consecrates, for the first time in the institutional history of our country, the advent of a ministerial department entirely dedicated to Mines and Geology.
This creation marks a strong desire to take charge of the development of the sector by aligning it with the ambitions of the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE) in view of the strong potential for job creation, wealth and prosperity.
The definition of a new mining policy and a new institutional framework aimed at improving resource governance, the revision of the legislative and regulatory framework as well as the new community orientations of WAEMU and ECOWAS are all reasons justifying the need to adapt the architecture of the mining administration with strong ambitions set out in the PES, through the accelerated PAP 2A and reflected in the update of the Sectoral Policy Letter for the Development of the sector (2017-2023).
The overall objective of the mining and geological policy is "to increase the development of the country's mineral potential in a responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of all", with three strategic objectives :
- Responsible and sustainable development of mines
- Valorization of geological potential
- Strengthening the governance of the sector

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