Mississauga Mining & Exploration Cameroon (MMEC)

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Mississauga Mining & Exploration Cameroon (MMEC)
MMEC is a Cameroonian based company specialized in exploration and mining activities. It’s hold by The Groupe BOCOM formed by several different enterprises working in many domains: petroleum and gas distribution, building, recycling and environment assessment, …
MMEC looks to develop the potential of the seven exploration licenses of Groupe BOCOM, by conducting exploration, reach to the reserve estimation and start mining. Recently, the State of Cameroon granted Groupe BOCOM with a Mining license for the AKOM II iron ore project, which was explore and develop by MMEC.
The next stage is to focus on EV minerals and precious metals. We currently focus on Au, Co, CU, Ni and Cr, with a number of prospective areas well defined (airborne geophysics, geochemistry, ground geophysics). One of these target is the VAIMBA project that contains two high-level prospects for Au-Cu in one hand and Cu-Co-Ni in the other hand.

We are keen to deeply explore and reach the mineral resource estimation/mineral reserve estimation within the two years coming.

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