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Newlyn Investments
The Newlyn Group was established in 1996 to engage in opportunities for black participation within the Port Logistics sector. A sector which previously precluded people of colour.
The Group has developed a reputation for business integrity. operational efficiencies and the capacity to deliver on substantial developments Our distinctive offering is rooted in an intelligent the design approach, which acts as an enabler for our clients, the industry and ultimately for South Africa, Newlyn is not a historically advantaged company and began in 1996 operating off a zero-based wealth base, but with tenacity and passion have generated significant growth to become market leaders.
Initially, Newlyn targeted potential prime industrial properties, seeking opportunity and creating value by rejuvenating aged infrastructures, transforming them into highly efficient operational facilities that offered bespoke storage and logistical solutions. However, with growth comes opportunity and the Group has expanded its portfolio to include energy and fuel infrastructures.


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