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The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone Company (SOC) Ltd (RBIDZ) is a Special Economic Zone that is purpose-built and secure industrial estate on the north-eastern coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa linked to the international deep-water port of Richards Bay. It is tailored for the manufacturing of goods and production of services to boost beneficiation, investment, economic growth and the development of skills and employment. 
The RBIDZ is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that aims to encourage international competitiveness through world-class infrastructure as well as tax, VAT and duty-free incentives to qualifying investors. This SEZ’s strategy is geared to provide significant contribution to the country’s economic growth through creation of employment opportunities, up- grading the skills, technology transfer, deepening economic empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals and broadening of South Africa’s basket of export products.

Incentives provided by RBIDZ to investors include:
•    Reduction in corporate income tax from 28% to 15%.
•    VAT exemption for supplies procured in South Africa.
•    Duty-free on imports for production-related raw materials including machinery and assets used in production.
•    Location in a secured and Customs Controlled Area (CCA)
•    World–class industrial infrastructure.

The RBIDZ’s objectives are:
•    To attract local and foreign direct investment;
•    To attract advanced foreign production and technology methods in order to gain experience in global manufacturing and production networks;
•    To develop linkages between domestic and zone- based industries;
•    To provide world–class industrial infrastructure.

The RBIDZ’s key focus sectors:
•    Metals Beneficiation (Aluminium, Iron Ore, Titanium)
•    ICT (Techno–parks, Innovation Hubs)
•    Energy (Solar, Fuel Cells, Biomass, Renewable)
•    Agro-Processing
•    Marine Industry
To be the preferred Special Economic Zone for quality investments while delivering value to our stakeholders.

To attract sustainable investments that stimulate economic growth, job creation, beneficiation of resources and the empowerment of people.

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