Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Khalid Al-Shariff

Vice President, Strategy & Planning Ma’aden

Mr Khalid Shariff currently serves as a Vice-President for Strategy and Business Development in the Base Metals & New Minerals Sector and as a Board member for Ma'aden Barrick Copper Company. With Geological background and a Master's degree in Business Administration. He has contributed extensively to the Kingdom's mining sector through various roles actively supporting KSA Vision 2030. As a leader in the mining sector in the MENA region, Khalid brings unique perspectives gained from his extensive experience in mining, empowering Ma'aden and the Kingdom to unleash the untapped potential. Since starting his career nearly twenty-six years ago, he has overseen projects from discovery to operations, including significant mines within the region and has managed multiple joint ventures, M&As and expansion of operational footprints. He is well versed in New mineral development, paving the way forward for the company and the regions to venture into the other minerals supporting the organization to disrupt 'change as usual'.