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Ravi Naidoo

CEO Youth Employment Service

Newly appointed Youth Employment Service (YES) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ravi Naidoo, has joined the organisation with over 25 years of experience in implementing and managing a range of social change and impact programmes. During this time, he has worked with trade unions, the public sector, and private sector fund management, finding ways to implement programmes in complex institutional environments. 

His role as CEO will assist YES in collaborating with other industries and organisations to help create a better future for all South Africans.

Along with this, Naidoo joins the National Planning Commission for the next five years, where he will work on the long-term plans to advance growth and development in South Africa. 

Some of his successes prior to joining YES, include the establishment of the SA National Green Fund, being the manager of the multi-stakeholder ‘Health Roadmap’ that culminated in government’s AIDS turnaround strategy (which saw average life expectancy rise from 49 to 62 years), and the restructuring of the Unemployment Insurance Fund to include coverage for the first time for over 600,000 domestic workers. 

Ravi holds a master’s degree from Harvard University.