Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Sean Mowatt

Partner Business Science Corporation & NextGenOpX

Sean is a Partner heading up the Productivity Science practice area at Business Science Corporation (BSC). He is also the Digital Stream lead in the NextGenOpX collaborator network.

He has more than 10 years of simulation, operational improvement modelling, data analytics, and optimisation experience across multiple industries. He has always had a keen interest in problem-solving, diagnostics, and the efficient design and operation of complex systems such as mining operations. This has led to him accumulating significant expertise in the fields of discrete event simulation, value stream modelling, operational diagnostics, and system optimisation. Recently, he has been focusing on combining these expertise with artificial intelligence due to an increase in the detail and complexity of the value chains and systems BSC has been modelling.

Within BSC, his team uses these digital toolsets to help their clients maximise the return on the investments made in their operational assets through a series of advisory and enablement solutions. These solutions focus on helping clients ensure that they have the most capital-efficient configuration of their assets and assisting them to achieve the highest profitability per unit produced.

As part of his involvement with NextGenOpx, Sean is responsible for coordinating and developing the digital stream at NextGenOpX. This enables NextGenOpX to incorporate the relevant digital and analytical toolsets within their offerings. Having the right information at the right time is key to modern-day integrated operations – a key tenet of the NextGenOpX service offering.

Sean is passionate about empowering decision-making by combining fact-based analytics with practical, operational considerations, and continues to develop his skills in this regard to maintain industry leadership.