Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Tendai Emily Makanza

Regional Officer, IndustriALL Global Union

An Economist working as a Regional Officer in the IndustriALL Global Union Sub-Sahara Africa Regional Office, in Johannesburg, South Africa. this role focuses on developing trade union sustainable development programmes and strengthening competencies for policy engagement (social dialogue) on sectoral priorities (i.e., decent work agenda, socio-economic justice, sustainable development, labour and trade union rights). Over the years, I have worked on various posts and assignments for and with several institutions/organisations across SADC such as; SATUCC (and its affiliates), United Nations (i.e. the ILO, UNDP, and the UN Disaster Risk Agency), EU country offices, the SADC Secretariat, the African Union; and state institutions at the national level. Some of my main accomplishments include leading the technical team under the Deputy Prime Ministers’ Office in Zimbabwe in developing the national strategic programme for women empowerment; leading the programme team for UNDP Swaziland on socio-economic and gender development programmes, disaster risk reduction & MDGs. I also served as a member of the SADC Secretariat’s Regional Poverty Observatory Steering Committee and the technical working group for the drafting of the SADC Poverty Status and RPO Capacity Report.