Young Leaders Programme

How the mining sector can create economical and sustainable change for Africa

The Young Leaders Programme helps supports the industry recruit the best young talent coming out of higher education who are exploring the possibility of a career in the mining sector. The Programme provides a platform for productive engagement between the key stakeholders within the industry, young leaders themselves and high-education institutions.

With a record number of next generation mining leaders attending in 2020.

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Key discussion topics included:

  • How can the sector create change? Examining case studies of projects and initiatives by young people and companies
  • The role of academia in giving you a career boost: How should companies partner more closely with universities?
  • Young leadership and technology – harnessing digital skills to create opportunities in mining
  • The green revolution: How can you take part from the ground up and drive sustainability?
  • Direct roundtable opportunities to engage with mining companies and government representatives directly to create dialogue on young people’s employment opportunities