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Digital Dialogues

Get ready to dig deeper into the world of African mining like never before!

We have curated a series of insightful webinars focusing on the latest advancements, industry trends, and cutting-edge strategies in the African mining sector.

Through interactive sessions, case studies, and real-world examples, delivered by industry experts, we aim to empower you with actionable insights that can transform your approach to mining, especially in the context of African mining.

Past Digital Dialogues


Net Zero Mining: Driving Towards a Just Transition

Rising demand for energy-transition minerals and geopolitical factors highlight the importance of responsible extraction. Mining faces challenges in emissions, environmental impact, and socio-economic issues, particularly in mining communities. Net Zero mining practices are crucial for a secure and sustainable mineral supply. This webinar will explore strategies for achieving net zero and just mining, focusing on Africa's significant mineral potential.

Watch Mining Indaba's first digital dialogue and explore this topic at length.