Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Day 4 Highlights

It's a wrap on Mining Indaba 2024

We can't believe how swiftly time has flown by and that Mining Indaba 2024 has come to a close.

Throughout Mining Indaba, several key themes emerged, including the importance of Africa's resources in fueling the future needs of the world, the power of positive disruption in driving sustainable growth in revolutionising the mining sector.

The event has showcased the readiness of the African mining industry to embrace positive disruption. The partnerships, collaboration and advancements presented during the event have set the stage for a bold new future in mining, where inclusivity, growth, transformation, and innovation are at the forefront. Let us seize this momentum and continue to drive positive change in the industry.


General Counsel Forum

Wendy Bampton, COO and Co-Founder of Africa Legal, delivered the event welcome for the General Counsel Forum, setting the tone for a day of enlightening content.

Young Leaders Opening Address

Timothy Schultz, Partner and SA Energy & Resources Lead at Brunswick Group, set the tone for an exceptional Young Leaders Programme with his opening address, exploring "What Young People Say They Want from Mining."

Young Leaders: “There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills”

The session explored the promise and perils of mining exploration across the continent and the technologies, policies, regulations, and practices needed to bring new African mines into existence.

General Counsel Forum: Coup you gonna call?

The panel considered the role of in-house legal leadership in strategic and preventive risk management.


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