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Digital Diary with Chris Griffith, CEO for Vedanta Resources Base Metals and President of its International Businesses

In this interview they discuss logistics in the mining industry. One of the primary focus areas will be determining who is responsible for paying for logistics in the mining industry—the government, the industry, or both.

Digital Diary with Kirsten Hund, Head of Carbon Neutrality at De Beers

The extraction of minerals and natural resources often involves energy-intensive processes that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Hear from Connel and Kirsten Hund, Head of Carbon Neutrality at De Beers, about how they are addressing these difficulties.

Digital Diary with Adam Matthews, Chief Responsible Investment Officer for the Church of England Pensions Board & Chair for the Global Investor Commission for Mining

In this interview they delve into the need for investors to rethink their approach to investing in the mining sector. They further explore the importance of understanding the complexities and challenges in the industry, reevaluating expectations and timeframes, and selecting the right companies to invest in.

Digital Diary with Daniel Litvin, Founder, Critical Resources and Sustainability Advisory Board Member, Mining Indaba

In this interview they discuss how companies can better prepare and adapt their corporate strategies to mitigate potential risks and seize opportunities. They also highlight the importance of understanding local contexts and building strong relationships with stakeholders.

Digital Diary with Jasper Jung, Executive Director: Global Strategic Initiatives General Motors and Technology & Innovation Committee Member, Mining Indaba

In this interview Connel and Jasper Jung discuss the automotive industry and the significant changes it is undergoing, as well as the importance of clean energy and EV battery supply chains for security and sustainability.

Digital Diary with Hon. J. Peter Pham, Former Special Envoy for Africa's Great Lakes & Sahel Regions, USA

The former Special Envoy for Africa's Great Lakes and Sahel Regions, USA, Hon. J. Peter Pham had a thought-provoking conversation with Ahmed which addressed the mineral resources of the African continent, their potential for extraction and economic growth, and current obstacles to realisation, particularly in the areas of energy and infrastructure investment.

Digital Diary with Jennifer Broadhurst, Associate Professor, UCT Department of Chemical Engineering and Next Gen Committee Member, Mining Indaba

In this interview, Connel and Jennifer Broadhurst discuss the importance of aligning academic programs with the needs of the mining industry.

Digital Diary with Bokang Kelepa, Managing Director, 4IRINMINING

In this insightful interview, Connel and Bokang Kelepa, Managing Director, 4IRINMINING explore the key trends in 4IRINMINING that are driving the African mining sector forward.

Digital Diary with Isabelle Ramdoo, Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Forum of Mining & Metals and Sustainability Committee Member, Mining Indaba

In this interview, Isabelle and Connel shed light on the multifaceted disruptions impacting the mining sector and how these factors are influencing its trajectory.

Digital Diary with Benedikt Sobotka, CEO, Eurasian Resources Group

In this highly anticipated interview, Laura delves into Benedikt Sobotka's unique perspective on the future of mining.

Digital Diary with Estelle Levin-Nally, CEO & Founder, Levin Sources and Fabiana Di Lorenzo, Senior Director, Responsible Business Alliance

In this interview, we explored responsible sourcing and its impact on supply chains.

Digital Diary with Mzila Mthenjane, CEO, Minerals Council South Africa

Mzila Mthenjane states that the South African mining industry is facing challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, including logistical and electricity issues, reduced exploration activity, and a global expenditure drop below 1%, putting it at a critical juncture for sustainability and future success.

Digital Diary with Raksha Naidoo, the Chairperson of Women in Mining South Africa

The shifts in gender diversity in the mining industry will be discussed in this interview by Laura and Raksha Naidoo, the Chairperson of Women in Mining South Africa, who have been fighting for more opportunities and representation for women in this historically male-dominated field.

Digital Diary with Tony Carroll, International Representative for the Executive Advisory Board of Mining Indaba

In this interview, we explored how Africa can gain economic wealth from its critical minerals resources through downstream beneficiation and manufacturing, while also addressing the energy needs of global powerhouses.

Digital Diary with Rick Rule, Founder and CEO, Rule Investment Media

In this exclusive discussion, we will hear from Rick Rule, who will provide useful information on which countries or locations hold promising investment prospects by recognising the cyclical nature of natural resources and their capital-intensive requirements.

Digital Diary with Marna Cloete, President and CFO, Ivanhoes Mines and CEO Leadership Committee

In this exclusive discussion, we will hear from Marna Cloete and Laura as they discuss the two important issues that are influencing and driving the mining sector: clean mining and exploration.

Digital Diary with Karan Rathi, CEO, Chillerton Group Limited

In this exclusive interview, we will hear from Karan Rathi and Ahmed as they discuss Chillerton Group Limited's efforts to mine green copper in Zambia's Copperbelt.

Digital Diary with Nere Emiko, Founder & CEO, Kian Smith Group

In this exclusive interview, we will hear from Nere Emiko and Ahmed as they delve into the world of gold in Nigeria.

Digital Diary with Sheila Khama, Executive Advisor: Africa, Mining Indaba Executive Committee

In this exclusive interview, we will hear from Sheila Khama and Laura as they explore the greater integration of mining into the economy and the importance of sustainable mining practices.

Digital Diary with Jito Kayumba, Special Assistant to the President of Zambia

In this exclusive interview, we will hear from Jito Kayumba and Ahmed as they discuss insights Zambia's innovative strategies for revolutionising the mining sector.

Digital Diary with Frans Baleni, Executive Advisory Board Chairman of Mining Indaba

In this exclusive interview, we will hear from Frans Baleni and Laura as they share insights into South Africa's mining industry's progress, challenges, and legislative changes that have facilitated its growth since democracy's start.

Digital Diary with Assheton Carter, CEO of TDi Sustainability


In this exclusive interview, we will hear from Assheton Carter and Ahmed as they discuss how governance in Africa has positively shifted .

Digital Diary with Interview with Sokwani Chilembo, CEO of Zambia Chamber of Mines


In this exclusive interview, we will hear from Sokwani Chilembo and Ahmed as they discuss the main factors that have contributed to the improvement of governance on the African continent in recent years.

Digital Diary with Vusi Mabena, Executive Secretary, Mining Industry Association of Southern Africa


Hear from Vusi Mabena and Ahmed as they discuss the main factors that the government of Southern Africa should strengthen in order to attract investors from various jurisdictions.

Digital Diary with Rob Karpati, Senior Advisor, The Blended Capital Group


Hear from Rob Kaparti on how large-scale and artisanal miners can coexist and why investors should be interested in artisanal mining.

Digital Diary with Allison George, Head of Programs and Initiatives, Development Partner Institute


Collaboration is key to producing meaningful change and accelerating mining and sustainable development. Hear from Allison George on her perspective on the topic.

Digital Diary with Edward Bickham, Senior Advisor, World Gold Council


Explore why artisanal mining is important to large-scale miners, given the ASM sector contributes a sizable portion of the world's production of newly mined gold, roughly 20% to the market.

An interview with Estelle Levin - Nally, CEO & Founder, Levin Sources


In this interview with Estelle Levin-Nally, we delve into the evolving landscape of artisanal mining, exploring its increasing capital intensity and its transformative impact on traditional manual practices.

Digital Diary with David Sturmes, Director, Impact Facility


In an exclusive interview, Laura Cornish and David Sturmes discuss the impact of professionalization on the artisanal and small-scale mining industry.

Digital Diary with Eira Thomas, CEO, Lucara Diamond


Lucara Diamonds showcases traceability technology and unpacks how the greater mining industry can learn from best practice techniques.

Digital Diary with J. J. Messner De Latour, Senior Manager: Responsible Sourcing - Traceability and Minerals Integrity at Microsoft

Watch this exclusive interview with J.J Messner de Latour, Microsoft's Senior Manager of Responsible Sourcing Traceability & Minerals Integrity, in which he explores the convergence of technology and mining, with a focus on sustainable mineral extraction, traceability, and due diligence.

Digital Diary with Jeff Quartermaine, CEO of Perseus Mining

Join us as we investigate the means of offering tangible contributions at the local level through utility and infrastructure access, engaging with local leaders to promote reinvestment initiatives for long-term benefit.

Digital Diary with Simon Hay, CEO of Leo Lithium


Discover how Leo Lithium's groundbreaking efforts are poised to disrupt the African lithium supply chain from Simon Hay, CEO of Leo Lithium. Hear Simon share insights on the end-user markets and the necessary steps to unlock in-country opportunities in Mali and, by extension, across the African region.

Digital Diary with Josh Goldman, President of KoBold Metals

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Josh Goldman, President of KoBold Metals, as we explore the significance of critical minerals in the global market and in-country beneficiation. Gain unique insights into cutting-edge technology, and the rising demand for transition minerals in this thought-provoking edition.