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Weir Motion Metrics

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  • IT & Automation for Mining

Since 1871, The Weir Group PLC has been a trailblazer in engineering excellence. Focused on providing cutting-edge processing solutions for the mining industry, our largest division, Weir Minerals, is renowned for crafting integrated solutions aimed at reducing downtime while boosting throughput and plant capacity.
In 2018, the WEIR family welcomed ESCO Corporation into its fold, solidifying a partnership with a leading developer and manufacturer of engineered wear parts and replacement products. ESCO, globally recognised as the #1 leader in tooth systems, operates under Weir ESCO and is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions for mining, construction, and industrial applications.
In a strategic move in 2021, Weir ESCO further expanded its influence by acquiring Motion Metrics, a Canadian mining technology company. This acquisition marked the establishment of our company's inaugural Center of Excellence for AI and Machine Vision. Operating under the umbrella of Weir Motion Metrics, this division is a front-runner in smart camera technologies for mining. Leveraging AI and computer vision, Weir Motion Metrics empowers clients to enhance efficiency, minimise downtime, and manage costs effectively. Their capabilities include detecting lost GETs, analysing particle size, and more.
Explore the transformative impact of The Weir Group as we revolutionise the mining industry through expertise, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering commitment to cleaner, smarter solutions.
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