Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Christelle van Vuueren

Climate Change and Transition Finance, Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory IFC

Christelle is the Sustainable Infra Advisory technical lead for decarbonization, providing advisory support to International Finance Corporation (IFC) Infrastructure clients. Her focus is primarily building ambitious decarbonization strategy and collaborative climate solutions, and navigating sustainable and transition financing opportunities, delivering innovative solutions that can contribute to improving the environmental and social sustainability of clients and impact of IFC’s investments. She also co-leads the World Bank Group Climate Smart Mining initiative, with the aim of achieving responsible mining and sustainable mineral supply chains in developing and emerging economies.

Prior to joining IFC, she held a series of roles including Africa Director for Carbon Trust, during which time she provided strategic advice for decarbonizing mining, and supported accelerating the establishment of sustainable finance in South Africa. Amongst others, she was the technical lead for the development of the South African Green Finance Taxonomy and ideation around its expansion to advance social dimensions.