Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Jandira Quissanga Paixão Morais

PhD candidate Sustainable Minerals Institute – The University of Queensland

She specialises in philosophy engaged social science that bridges company, government and community perspectives on Urban Mining and Circular Economy Transition in Africa. Particular areas of interest include government-community conflict, and human rights and development challenges. She is also interested in how the African urban mining industry is organised, resourced and motivated to respond to these challenges.

She interested in doing my thesis on Urban Mining and Circular Economy Transition in Africa: A Case Analysis of Luanda-Angola. In Angola urban mining and circular economy are extremely poor, and there is no development and incorporation of waste pickers framework into Angolan constitution. As one of the primary actors on integrated circular economy activities, people are helping to reduce the huge amount of waste generated by recovery, reuse and recycling when compared to developed countries such as Australia. 

In 2012 she graduated from the University of Independent of Angola with a Honour Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering, Specialty Environment. In 2017 she completed my Masters in Geography, Archaeology and Environmental Studies at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.