Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Sonia Scarselli

Vice President BHP Xplor

Sonia Scarselli was appointed Vice President of BHP’s newly formed BHP Xplor Program in June 2022 to seek out innovative and breakthrough minerals exploration opportunities through a portfolio of early stage, pre-commercial start-ups.  This new organisation is designed to increase BHP’s access to a larger opportunity set of prospects that have a global footprint. Xplor will discover early-stage start-ups and work with them to identify concepts, leverage data and test new opportunities at a fast pace thereby positioning BHP to continuously provide the resources required to meet the needs of a changing world. 

Since joining BHP in 2012, Sonia has served in several commercial and operational leadership roles including Head of Algeria, Exploration and Appraisal Chief of Staff, Manager Exploration Trinidad and Tobago. Most recently, in 2019, she was appointed Vice President of Exploration and Appraisal where she led, developed and operationalized business strategies and commercial plans to deliver a global portfolio of growth options. Before joining BHP, Sonia started her career in the oil industry at ExxonMobil UK in a number of exploration and geology roles. She holds a master’s degree in Geological Science from Universit√† degli studi di Perugia, a PhD in Geology from ETH Zurich and an MBA from the London Business School.