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AngloGold hands over two hospitals to authorities for COVID-19 patients
Embarking on an incredible number of humanitarian initiatives to slow the spread of COVID-19, including making two of its mining hospitals available to the provincial governments of North West and Gauteng.

Investors face opportunities amidst COVID-19 market mayhem
Mining sector investors face generational opportunities for high returns - with the right information in hand.

Interview with Endeavour Mining President & CEO
Sébastien de Montessus gives an update on the latest developments at the West African gold miner.

Tietto Minerals buoyant as Ivory Coast gold project delivers high grades
With Tietto Minerals' recent high-grade gold results, demonstrates the continued growth of its Abujar-Gludehi gold mineralised system.

Mining could be the best thing to stabilise the South African economy
The Minerals Council of South Africa believes that mining could be critical and particularly effective in helping to boost economic recovery after the country emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

Diamonds: Growing consumer awareness and economic volatility
The phrase “blood diamonds”, which has now entered common parlance, originated on the African continent well over a decade ago. It refers to unlawful and exploitative diamond mining that breaches the rights of individuals and decimates entire communities.

Resources a key part to recovery
Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt said that the federal, state and territory governments were working to ensure that critical resources projects kept operating.

Centamin PLC announces the appointment of CEO
Martin Horgan has been appointed Cheif Executive Officer and Director of the Company which comes in to effect on 6th April. 

Australia's iron ore giants urging workers to stay at mine sites to escape coronavirus
Iron ore giants are looking to reduce the threat to their operations from the global pandemic by urging workers to spend weeks on-site and cutting staff movement by 40 percent.

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