Weekly News Roundup 01/11

What’s the latest in African mining? Here’s your weekly roundup of top news stories in the sector, curated by the Mining Indaba team.

Indaba goes all out to charm Chinese mining backers - Chinese investors make up the largest portion of investors in African mining, the organiser's of Cape Town's annual get- together created a China roadshow travelling to Beijing and Shanghai. Read more.

Can technology and mining merge without comprising miners? Technology is ever-growing across all different sectors, work now can be completed more efficiently by machines than humans. Albert Alterjman joins CNBC to explain. Read more.

Is there investment potential in East Africa's mining? Africa Practice's Chimboza investigates. Read more.

Glencore reduces its ambitions for African copper and cobalt. Glencore has seen a decline since the beginning of 2019, due to the measures it has been implementing in its copper and cobalt mines in Mutanda and in Mopani, Zambia. Read more.

The UK looks to Africa for trade as new Brexit deadline looms. The UK Trade envoy has rallied British companies to look at Africa at the next frontier for trade and partnerships. Read more.

Petra Diamonds has launched artisanal small-scale diamond mining initiative. The aim is to create a framework within which small-scale mining can be conducted by community members in a legal and regulated manner. Read more.

Massive mining waste dams could pose deadly risks. A global inquiry into how mining companies store waste in huge dams launched after the Brazil collapse. Read more.

The mining industry could strike gold with automation. Mining is now at a critical juncture in which it will either adopt new technologies or get left behind. Read more.