Modern Mining

Modern Mining
Modern Mining covers the entire spectrum of the mining industry from ‘grassroots’ exploration through to beneficiation. Modern Mining’s goal is to deliver objective reporting and incisive articles not only on the technical aspects of mining but also on broader issues such as empowerment and the Mining Charter. The emphasis is on original writing and reporting based on face-to-face interviews and visits to mining operations. Modern Mining features a crisp, modern design which complements the quality editorial.

People who are serious about ‘mining’ read Modern Mining. The editorial is valued by engineers and non-technical readers alike. For advertisers it offers a focused approach as well as value for money based on the ABC certified circulation which is the highest amongst the mining monthlies. Modern Mining reaches mining people throughout Africa and all over the globe. Modern Mining is proud to offer advertisers a list of more than 30 countries as part of the mailing list.

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