Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Weifang Jiahua Chemical Co. Ltd

Stand: H20

The Jiahua Chem colour green verifies our current existence as well as to validate our promising future.      TC China was formed as a joint venture with Jiahua chem and a Canadian CTC Company in 2006. J Warren Sun Ace is a new Jiahua chem joint venture with a leading specialty chemical manufacture, Sun Ace, with the head office in Singapore. Jiahua Chem is one of the leading Manufacturing of mining reagents, based in Weifang China. Jiahua Chem strives for excellent customer quality, efficiency and environmental excellence. Jiahua Chem has spent considerable effort to practice the philosophies of recycling, reducing, and reusing our waste streams. Many of these waste stream products have found their ways in new product lines, or as a raw material inputs for other types of chemical production or applications. The result is we have minimal or no adverse chemical footprint to the environment. Jiahua chem always aim at surpassing our customer’s expectation in both customer service, product performance and technical innovation.