Driving sustainable investment in African Mining

Are Mining Sustainability Standards Fit For Purpose?

•    How do mining sustainability standards align with broader standards that apply to all responsible businesses
•    Are mining standards developed to reflect industry needs or are they driven by investor/consumer/stakeholder needs and expectations?
•    Are there too many mining standards? Is it difficult for miners/investors/ other stakeholder to navigate these?
•    How are industry-led initiatives reflected in the evaluations and outputs of the (ESG) ratings agencies?
•    How forward-looking are the perspectives embedded in industry – do they seek to contribute to net positive impacts?… And, if so, how and at what scale (how ambitious)?

Tuesday 06 February 14:30 - 15:15 Stewards Stage

Sustainability Series

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  • What value is there in measurable ESG Data, and for whom? 
  • How can make ESG more impactful? 
  • Who needs measurable ESG data, and who pays for it? 
Stewards Stage Africa/Johannesburg


Terry Heymann

CFO, World Gold Council


George Cheverley

Portfolio Manager, Ninety One

Grant Beringer

Group Sustainability Executive, Barrick Gold

Louis Maréchal

Senior Advisor, OECD

Virginie de Chassey

Chief Sustainability and External Affairs Officer, Eramet