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Mamosa Modise

Founder and CEO AWIMSA

Mamosa, the founder and President of the Association of Women in Mining South Africa (AWIMSA),
stands as a towering figure in the mining industry. Her journey is marked by a profound
commitment to developing and empowering women within this challenging and dynamic field. Her
leadership and advocacy efforts have created significant inroads for women, whether they are
laborers, business entrepreneurs, or members of mining communities across South Africa.
Beginning her career as a detail-oriented and confident Boilermaker Artisan, Mamosa brought a
unique blend of technical skill and mechanical insight to the mining industry. Her hands-on
experience in delivering mechanical solutions laid a solid foundation for her subsequent roles in
leadership and advocacy.
Her academic pursuits further demonstrate her commitment to the mining industry. Mamosa is
currently an undergraduate LLB Law student with a focus on business at Regent School. This
endeavor reflects her dedication to understanding the legal and business intricacies of mining.
With plans to pursue a Master of Laws (LLM) specializing in Mines and Minerals, Mamosa is set to
deepen her expertise, driven by a passion for the mining industry.
Mamosa’s involvement extends beyond her professional and academic pursuits. She completed a
Management Development Programme at Regent Business School, equipping her with essential
leadership and management skills that have been instrumental in her roles within women’s mining
Her leadership prowess is evident in her role as the Chairperson of woman in mining
Sibanyestillwater K6 shaft, where she has been recognized as a competent and influential figure in
mining. Additionally, her election as a Health and safety woman in mining sibanyestillwater top 5
kroondal structure underscores her commitment to ensuring safe and equitable work
Beyond her organizational roles, Mamosa is a renowned motivational and international speaker,
focusing on women’s empowerment in the mining industry. Her speeches resonate with inspiration
and determination, encouraging women to pursue their ambitions in the mining sector and beyond.
Mamosa’s story is one of relentless perseverance, leadership, and advocacy. Through her numerous
roles and contributions, she continues to be a pivotal force in reshaping the mining industry,
championing the cause of women, and paving the way for future generations to thrive in this vital

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Recognizing and Empowering Women in Mining

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