Why are you postponing?

  • The CTICC has been converted into a vaccination centre through the end of the year with the potential of being extended into the new year, which could affect the build-up dates and the ability to run the event in February.
  • South Africa is battling a third wave of the pandemic and the pace of the vaccination rollout may also hinder the ability to run a large-scale event in February.
  • We surveyed a large number of key clients and partners and the significant majority were in favour of postponing the event to ensure attendance and their ROI could be maximised.
  • While the country has downgraded its lockdown to level 3, the current capacity limit of 50 people would not allow us to run either event to the standard, in terms of participant numbers, that we would expect of ourselves. It is unlikely that the capacity will increase to the number required to host Mining Indaba in February.
  • Safety of our attendees and partners is our number one priority and although we feel strongly that we could deliver a ‘covid secure’ event, the number of participants informing us that they would not be able to travel or take part in February has not diminished, so we also had to assess the viability of running a successful event with limited numbers.
  • While South Africa has opened-up international travel, there are key attending countries that face travel restrictions or are being advised against all but essential travel there.
  • The situation around the world is still uncertain and it is extremely difficult to plan with confidence and be sure that we could host a meaningful event in February.

What happens to my booking now?

  • All bookings are eligible to be rolled over to the new dates of the show – 9-12 May.
  • By rolling over to the new 2022 dates we will guarantee you the same rate and ensure you secure the exhibition space location and/or sponsorship opportunity.
  • Delegate only bookings are treated the same as SPEX bookings and will follow the same process.
  • The sales team will be in touch to discuss the process with you.

Do I need to sign a new contract?

  • If you are rolling over before 8 October 2021, you do not need to sign a new contract, but we will need you to sign a Letter of Variation to formalise the roll-over of your contract. 
  • In order to be eligible to sign a Letter of Variation to roll your booking over, you need to have paid 20% or more towards your booking. The Letter of Variation will be issued by your account manager and will ensure you benefit from the price freeze and secure the same exhibition space location and/or sponsorship opportunity

What do I do if I haven't paid anything towards my booking?

  • To be eligible for a rollover and to secure your location and price you must pay the required deposit within 30 days of this communication
  • If you do not pay the required deposit by 8 October 2021 you will lose your booking and will have to rebook at the higher rate later in the year.

Can I get a refund?

  • Yes, you are entitled to a refund. However, if you opt for a refund and rebook after 8 October 2021, you will be subject to a price increase and are not guaranteed your preferred location or sponsorship package.
  • Refunds are processed within 60-90 days of approval.
  • We can, subject to a 50% deposit payment, also arrange a rollover to the next edition in 2023.

Can I keep my booking and get a partial refund?

  • If you have paid in full then it may be possible to have part of this refunded, no more than 50%.
  • This must be agreed by Hyve Finance Director first. 

I have already booked travel and hotels and can't get a refund. Will Hyve reimburse me?

  • No. Hyve cannot accept liability for bookings made with other organisations, and these must be settled directly with the company you booked with.

I am a new customer, how can I book for the next event?

  • As a new or returning customer, if you book and pay 50% before the end of October 2021, then you will benefit from the previous year's price. Failure to make payment will subject you to the increased price for the May 22 show.
  • All bookings from 1st October 2021 will be subject to the higher prices.

Will the event definitely take place in May?

  • In light of recent vaccination progress in South Africa and around the world, we are highly confident the event can take place in May.
  • We will continue to monitor the covid situation both in South Africa and around the world, taking specific interest in vaccination rollouts, travel restrictions to/from South Africa and event capacities.
  • If the situation worsens or does not progress at the required rate to hold a meaningful event in Cape Town in May, then a decision to run the event will be taken in Q1 2022.

What is the weather in Cape Town like in May?

  • May is in the Autumn Season in Cape Town and has average temperate highs of around 21 degrees.
  • From Cape Town Magazine:
    • Autumn in Cape Town, which occurs between March and May, is one of its most beautiful seasonal periods. Tree leaves and shrubs turn a bright red, earthy brown, vibrant orange and yellow, while temperatures stay pleasant. The slopes on the countryside transform into fields of gold and scarlet. Some would say autumn is the best time to visit Cape Town.

When is the next face-to-face event taking place?

  • Monday 9 – Thursday 12 May 2022

Dates of future Mining Indaba:

  • Monday 6 – Thursday 9 February 2023
  • Monday 5 – Thursday 8 February 2024

What else are Mining Indaba doing throughout the year that I can get involved in?

  • We have a variety of digital opportunities to participate in and sponsor. Including; topical webinars, industry reports, industry surveys and thought leadership content.
  • Should be it feasible, then we are also aiming to bring groups of likeminded delegates together for networking, learning and sharing in a face to face setting. Please stay tuned to our announcements to find out more.
  • Mining Indaba is hosting two focused investor roadshows in the run up before the main event, which includes:
    • Mining Indaba China Roadshow:  19-20 October 2021
    • Mining Indaba European Roadshow: TBC
  • Please contact your account manager for further information.

Do you have a question that has not been answered in our FAQs section? We are here to help; you can email us here.

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