Intergovernmental Summit

Open discussions with mining ministers from across Africa and the globe

The Intergovernmental Summit is an open platform for African Ministers and senior government decision-makers from across the globe to debate on the most challenging issues affecting the mining sector and improve bilateral trade and economic relationships between Africa and the rest of the world.

Natural Resource Ministers from the top 25 mining investment jurisdictions in Africa presented at the Summit to highlight the key developments in each country transforming it into the business-friendly investment destination on the continent.

A series of interactive ministerial discussions highlighted the collaboration between African countries and the mining-intensive economies of the world including Canada, Australia, US, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany and France.

Key discussion topics included:

Keynote presentations from African and International Ministers
  • The latest legislative updates, emerging opportunities and ongoing development
Interactive discussions and interviews
  • The unification of Energy and Minerals Governance in South Africa: Driving a ‘just transition’ and mapping out the future
  • Mineral Taxation & Resource Nationalism: Rebalancing Public-Private relationship
  • Strategic management of ESG Risks for companies and investors
  • Responsible Sourcing of African Minerals: International cooperation, the role of financial institutions and effective regulatory frameworks
  • Canada-Africa cooperation: Capacity building, local content and effective mineral policy formation