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Arcadia Minerals

Stand: Explorers Showcase, ES 7
  • Mining & Exploration Company

Ticker: ASX:AM7 
Project Name: Bitterwasser Lithium (Clay & Brines), Kum-Kum Ni/PGE (Mafic Intrusion), TVC Lithium & Tantalum Project (LCT Pegmatites) and Swanson Tantalum Mine (under construction) 
Project Location: Namibia 
Commodity Exposure: Lithium, Nickel, PGE's & Tantalum 
Company or Project Background: 
Arcadia is a Namibia-focused diversified metals exploration company, which is domiciled in Guernsey. The Company explores for a suite of new-era metals (Lithium, Tantalum, Platinum-Group-Elements, Nickel and Copper). The Company’s strategy is to bring the advanced and financed (currently under construction) Swanson Tantalum project into production and then to use the cashflows (which may be generated) to drive exploration and development at the potentially company transforming exploration assets.  
Most of the Company’s projects are located in the neighbourhood of established mining operations and significant discoveries. The mineral exploration projects include:  
1. Bitterwasser Lithium in Clay Project – which project contains a potentially expanding JORC Mineral Resource of 327k LCE from lithium-in-clays. 
2. Bitterwasser Lithium in Brines Project – which is prospective for lithium-in-brines within the Bitterwasser Basin area. 
3. Kum-Kum Project – prospective for nickel, copper, and platinum group elements. 
4. TVC Pegmatite Project – prospective for Lithium, Tantalum and other associated minerals. 
5. Karibib Project – prospective for copper and gold. 
6. The Swanson Mining Project – advanced tantalum mining project undergoing development to become a mining operation, and which contains a potentially expanding JORC Mineral Resource within the Swanson Project area. 
South Africa