Driving sustainable investment in African Mining


Stand: L21

Operating across mines globally, FuelActive have developed a revolutionary solution, transforming fuel delivery by extracting only clean fuel from the cleanest upper fuel level. This process enhances engine efficiency, reduces contamination, and cuts both emissions and fuel costs by up to 5%. The resulting savings, amounting to thousands of rands, allow the system to often pay for itself within just three months.

The innovative FuelActive unit sets itself apart from conventional fuel pick-up pipes. Utilising a floating pick-up pipe, it selectively draws clean fuel from the top, thereby avoiding the harmful contaminants that reside at the tank bottom.

FuelActive has been rigorously tested with leading engine and machinery OEMs, as well as with operators across Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia.

“FuelActive protected the fuel system, reducing total cost of ownership by avoiding filter and component replacements.” – Guillermo González Loncón, Technical Support, New Products, Cummins

The patented fuel pick-up system is proven to deliver 92% cleaner fuel to the engine, improve fuel efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and increase uptime.

Easy to install, this zero-maintenance, fit-and-forget system is the simple solution to reducing your carbon footprint and maintaining uptime while protecting your most valuable assets.