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SciAps, Inc., headquartered in Boston, stands as a pioneering force in the realm of analytical instrumentation. Specializing in cutting-edge handheld portable instruments, our technology empowers users to measure any element, anywhere on the globe. Our industry-leading X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and laser-based (LIBS) analyzers are at work across every major industry. 

In the domain of XRF technology, SciAps leads with distinction, presenting the X-555, a pinnacle of X-ray tube innovation boasting 55 kV, alongside the advanced X-505. Meanwhile, our LIBS technology is exemplified by the Z-903, providing comprehensive elemental coverage from hydrogen to uranium. Spanning 190 – 950 nm, our spectrometers transcend the limitations of X-ray, capturing low atomic number elements like beryllium, boron, carbon, fluorine, and sodium, as well as a myriad of transition and heavy metals.

A testament to our commitment to innovation is the Z-9 Liquidator, the industry's first portable LIBS-powered Lithium Brines analyzer. Teaming up with the Z-903 handheld LIBS, the Z-9 Liquidator ensures swift and straightforward brine analysis in the field or laboratory setting. Remarkably, this groundbreaking technique demands only 1-2 mL of sample per test, eliminating the need for dilution. The Z-9 Liquidator ingeniously samples and atomizes liquid into a fine mist, swiftly analyzed by the Z-903 LIBS. Within seconds, concentrations of lithium and other pivotal elements are displayed on a nearby tablet or PC, revolutionizing analytical efficiency. At SciAps, we don't just set industry standards; we redefine them.