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Wearcheck, a division of Synerlytic Services (Pty) Ltd

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Condition monitoring specialist, WearCheck, is Africa’s pre-eminent condition monitoring services provider, with 14 world class laboratories in nine countries.

As the market leader in several sectors - including testing & analysis, asset reliability care and lubricant-enabled reliability services -  WearCheck enhances the health of transformers, engines and other assets.

Testing & analysis services scientifically monitor used oil from mechanical and electrical systems, transformer oil, water, fuel, greases etc., and over 800 000 samples are processed per annum. 

Water analysis - WearCheck’s newest service - tests water quality across a broad range of applications.
The lubricant-enabled reliability service offers advice and products to enhance an operation’s lubricant management systems. 

WearCheck’s asset reliability care division offers services such as reliability solutions (balancing, vibration monitoring, alignment and more) and advanced field services (rope testing, technical compliance, non-destructive testing).

WearCheck serves many industries - mining, wind turbines, earthmoving, industrial, transport, shipping, aircraft and electrical operations.

WearCheck is a member of the International WearCheck Group (WCI) which is an association of independent laboratories spanning the globe, dedicated to oil and wear particle analysis. This relationship with the WCI allows for the ongoing exchange of technical information globally and the ability to offer a worldwide service.
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