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Hon. Miguel Kashal Katemb

MD Autorité de Régulation de la Sous-Traitance dans le Secteur Privé – ARSP (Regulatory Authority for Subcontracting in the Private Sector)

The Honorable Miguel KASHAL KATEMB is a successful businessman and statesman who managed various companies in Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. He has a background in business, holding an MBA from the University of Witwatersrand.

In 2015, he began his career in politics as an Advisor in the cabinet of Special Commissioner Félicien Katanga and later served as Official Representative in the cabinet of Governor Jean-Claude KAZEMBE MUSONDA. He was recognized for his skills and in 2017 became an Expert in the cabinet of Provincial Governor PANDE KAPOPO.

In 2018, he was elected as a Provincial Member of parliament in Haut-Katanga. His political career continued to progress as he was appointed Provincial Minister for Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Planning by Governor Jacques KYABULA KATWE in May 2019. He has retained this position despite multiple reshuffles and has caught the attention of the Head of State, President Felix Antoine TSHISEKEDI TSHILOMBO.

In November 15, 2022, he was appointed as the Managing Director of the Regulatory Authority for Subcontracting in the Private sector (ARSP) by presidential decree.

2024 Agenda Sessions

The subcontracting law in DR Congo and the development of local content

Tuesday 06 February 09:45 - 10:05 Governments Stage

Intergovernmental Summit

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