Mining Indaba Economic Report 2022

Understanding the Economic Impact of Mining Indaba 2022


This report was commissioned for the 2022 Mining Indaba to understand the economic impact of the event on the local communities. Mining Indaba was the first major event to take place in Cape Town with record numbers attending globally including over 6,500 delegates, 3 Heads of State, 1 Prime Minister and 67 Ministers and Ambassadors contributing R177m to the GDP. This is a hugely positive economic contribution from the event to South African business tourism.

South African mining had some exemptions and production recovered relatively quickly, it is therefore fitting that
the 2022 Mining Indaba not only coincided with rapid commodity increases, it helped support hospitality. In order to do our part to stimulate the country’s economic recovery and future prosperity, we’ve worked closely and more effectively with our South Africa partners. 

As the headlines on page 4 show, the 2022 Mining Indaba made a significant impact on the regional and wider economy of South Africa. As well as contributing R156m to South African GDP (of which 73% was from international sources), it generated 214 full-time annual job equivalents in the country and contributed R19m to national taxes.

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